About us

ARC MONTE DOO was founded on 15th January 2007 as a company for providing services in the domain of mechanical engineering at construction, overhauling, maintenance and reconstruction of generating and industrial plants.

During its existence „ARC MONTE“ has positioned itself and became recognizable on more competitive markets, thanks to, at first, the quality of performed works.

From the very beginnings, ARC MONTE performed works in domestic market as well as in foreign markets, as a partner of reputable companies in field of mechanical engineering on all king of energetic and industrial plants and also on prefabrication of equipment for the plants.

As the strongest advantage for existence on domestic and also on foreign market ARC MONTE distinguish quality, accuracy and reliability in performing works being engaged on.

ARC MONTE has its own school for the education of welders in all conservative welding performances (according to standard EN 287-1). The education is conducted according to the program for international welding engineers (IWE), and under strict supervision of welding instructors being also experienced and approved welders.

In addition to the basic courses for the education of welders , the school is helping us with the advanced training of already proved welders as well as with trainings for our welders in period of minor orders for work (winter period), since it is necessary to conserve the quality and to be prepared for future orders.

Besides the standard welding training, it is also possible create a training adjusted to investors’ special needs.

ARC MONTE has a good cooperation with the domestic and foreign certification authorities, providing us help and direction in working in scope of European norms being very demanding concerning quality and safety at work.

On this note and in order to quality performance of work as well as increasing competence of market „ ARC MONTE“ is certificated by ISO 9001-2008; EN 3834-2, but, also, sertification for ISO 14001:2004 managing system (enviroment protection) and OHSAS 18001:2007 (health care and safety at work) is in the procedure. Our employees have SCC sertificates.

All above mentioned indicate that ARC MONTE becomes modern company growing fast with market’s demands. The company also invests in human resources, equipment and tools, in order to remain reliable partner on strategic orders in the country and abroad in years to come.